Services We Provide
If you are in a crisis situation the most imporant thing is your safety. Please do not
compromise your safety by viewing this site at home.  Please clear your browsers cache
and history upon closing this site.

Call 1-888-269-9104 or your local crisis hotline for more information.
MGSH doesn't have a preset list of services.  We work with each participant to assist them in meeting their
needs as much as possible. Below are a few services that we offer in addition to the individualized

MGSH provides advocacy, emergency housing, transitional housing, clothing, food, school supplies,
furniture, local transportation, self help groups, parenting classes, job skills classes and a children’s
domestic violence education program to both resident and community clients. The mobile advocacy
program brings the services to the victim where they are safe and comfortable. MGSH organizes
community networks (Graham and Greenlee) to help the community work with victims of violence.  Small
pets are welcome at the facility with their families.  The pets will be housed in the pet shelter located on

If you are in need of assistance please call us, we are here
to help.

Mt. Graham Safe House, Inc.
PO Box 1202
United States
ph: 928-348-9104
alt: 1-888-269-9104
A  woman with 4 children had no
idea that she was in domestic
violence, she thought that just
because her abuser didn't hit her it
wasn't domestic violence. She now
is out of the relationship  and job
searching to better her families life.
Woman is strong full of hope and